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Disability Sport Info

Academic insights into disability sport

Disability Sport Info is an educational resource explaining various aspects of disability sport. The topics covered are the Paralympic Games, grassroots sport, and elite sport. The topics are reviewed from a sport development perspective. Disability Sport Info exists as this website, a YouTube channel (@DisabilitySportInfo) and as a podcast ( The resources are designed to be complimentary. This website is your 'one-stop shop' for knowledge on the covered topics. The podcast features discussions with academic experts on different aspects of the Paralympic Games, grassroots sport, and elite sport. The YouTube content will focus on key questions on these subjects and will  feature short explainer videos. 


Disability Sport Info assumes no prior knowledge of disability sport, converting academic insights into easy to understand content. Topics will be explored in depth to provide critical understanding.


This website is still in development so be sure to check back later in the summer of 2024 for more content. Thanks for your patience!

Mission Statement

Open access and simplicity

At Disability Sport Info, we aim to simplify academic knowledge so that expert insights are accessible to a wider audience. Disability Sport Info will ensure information is evidence-based and will provide links to resources that are not behind paywalls. Disability Sport Info champions open access of information.  

Consumer feedback

Consumer feedback to improve understanding and engagement

At Disability Sport Info, we value your input. We actively encourage feedback so that we can enhance our product. If you are not understanding some of the content or would like specific questions/topics answered, we want to hear from you.


Disability Sport Info will be an interactive resource that improves with your feedback. Only our consumers can truly confirm whether the information we provide is easy to understand and communicated clearly.


Please get in touch via to provide your feedback. Thanks for your support!

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